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Question: How would you explain the difference between regular Lab-metal and Lab-metal 450?
Answer: Regular Lab-metal air dries and can be sanded smooth.
Lab-metal 450 air dries but then needs to be heat cured prior to sanding and should only be used if for powder coating temps up to 450F.
Question: After filling and air dried, can the hi-temp be sanded smooth before baking?
Answer: Repair needs to be baked first then sanded.
Question: How do I determine the shelf life of Lab metal/ Hi Temp Lab metal
Answer: Lab metal shelf life = 2 years in an unopened can
Hi Temp Lab metal shelf life = 1 year in an unopened can
Batch sticker on top of can = expiration date
Distributors are advised to rotate stock, Lab metal and Hi Temp Lab metal should not contain any lumps (should be like creamy peanut butter) Contact Alvin Products for replacement.
Question: Beware of Negative Reviews
Answer: Alvin Products/Lab metal stands behind Lab metal and Hi Temp Lab metal since 1950. Beware of negative reviews from users who simply did not follow instructions. Solvent evaporation is how Lab metal dries. Heat curing needs to be done with Hi Temp Lab metal. If surface preparation, dry time, re-coat windows, heat curing instructions are not followed, negative results/failures could occur. Please contact Alvin direct prior to each application.
Question: Can Lab metal be chrome plated over?
Answer: Since Lab metal dries to an "aluminum" surface, it can be plated over. Submited by actual chrome plater/metal finisher.
1. Apply Lab metal and allow to air dry
2. Alkaline cleaner
3. Aluminum etch
4. Deoxidation
5. Zincate
6. Deoxidation
7. Zincate
8. Acid and copper plate
9. Nickel
10. Chrome
Question: Technical Questions before I start?
Answer: If this is the first time you are using Lab metal or Hi Temp Lab metal please call (800) 537-7023 for technical questions.
Each application is different and requires multiple methods of surface preparation, application procedures, dry time, heat curing, sanding/grinding/smoothing.
Question: Should I solvent clean the Lab metal or Hi Temp after curing?
Answer: No, this will attack and soften the dried/cured material and will likely outgas when heated.
Question: Hi Temp Lab metal curing?
Answer: Hi Temp Lab metal- Drying time-
Apply no thicker than 1/4 inch per
application. It is better to apply one thick coat instead of multiple thin coats. The application must air dry for
at least 24 hours. It must then be
heat cured (before applying a second coat).
To heat cure:
Hi-Temp Labmetal
must be heat hardened by exposing
it to a temperature of 425ºF for one hour.
Heat hardening must be completed
prior to powder coating
Question: Where can I buy your product
Phone (800) 537-7023
Fax (617) 389-0484