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About Alvin Products

Alvin ProductsAlvin Products, division of Dampney Company Inc., manufacturer of specialty repair and maintenance products, was founded in 1950 with the invention of "Lab-metal", a unique one-part metal dent filler. The company now manufactures a complete line of quality problem-solving products for industry. Our company mission is to serve our distributors and their customers with time-saving and money-saving products. The Alvin Products line is distributed through welding, industrial, foundry, bearing/transmission, tool/fastener, automotive, marine, paint/hardware, and other specialty supply companies throughout the world.

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Alvin Products can be used for:

  • High Temperature Epoxy for Powder Coating
  • Epoxy Adhesive for metal castings
  • Epoxy Putty for Aluminum
  • Conductive Epoxy for Powder Coating
  • Wood Epoxy Filler for Filling imperfections
  • Aluminum Epoxy for metal castings
  • High Temp Epoxy for Patching
  • Epoxy Sealant for metal, wood and auto bodies
  • Engine Block epoxy filler
  • Epoxy Potting Compound
  • Silicone Sealant for metal and rough welds
  • Joint sealant for metal
  • Head Gasket Sealant and crack repair
  • Auto Body and filler compound
  • High Temperature resistant metal patch
  • High Temperature Adhesive for filling surface defects
  • High Temperature metal repair compound
  • Seal Porosity in Castings