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Lab-metal coverage:

10.20 sq. ft. / gallon @ 1/8" thickness
5.10 sq. ft. / gallon @ 1/4" thickness

Note: Divide above by 4 for a 48 oz. (3#) can. Divide above by 8 for a 24 oz. (1.5#) can.

Is Lab-metal conductive?

Lab-metal is thermally conductive, but not electrically conductive. The filler in Lab-metal, aluminum powder, is atomized in the molten state when made. As the powder cools, an oxide coating forms on each particle, creating an electrical conductivity resistance. However, Lab-metal should not be regarded as an electrical insulator.

Can Lab-metal be feather-edged?

Lab-metal has been successfully feather-edged by classic auto restorers for many years. Feather-edging techniques include smoothing Lab-metal with an applicator that has been moistened with Alvin Products' Lab-solvent.

Can Lab-metal be chrome plated?

An end-user reports that he has been using Lab-metal and plating over the repair for more than 40 years. To electroplate Lab-metal, sand the fully hardened Lab-metal immediately prior to putting it into the copper plating bath.

Is Lab-metal affected by gasoline?

When completely hardened, Lab-metal is not affected by petroleum-based oils or gasoline. Chemical solvents such as acetone and MEK will soften hardened Lab-metal.

Is Lab-metal USDA-approved?

The USDA has advised us that approval is not needed for use of this type of product in meat and poultry processing plants. The USDA requires that Lab-metal be "installed and maintained" in a sanitary manner; that the Food Safety and Inspection Service inspector be advised of its installation; that the finished outer surface not contain any carcinogen, mutagen or teratogen, heavy metals, or other hazardous substances. Hardened Lab-metal does not contain any of these substances.

Can Lab-metal be powder coated?

Yes. Lab-metal will accept ground during coating. Powder coating of cast metal parts is a rapidly growing process due to environmental problems with solvent based coatings. The powder coating process normally requires the exposure of the metal part to temperatures in the range of 400ºF to 425ºF. Although these temperatures exceed Lab-metal's maximum recommended exposure temperature of 350ºF, because the time in the oven is normally less than 20 minutes, regular Lab-metal is being used very successfully in this process. Hi-Temp Lab-metal has also been proven in the powder coating process.

Can Lab-metal be used to join two items?

No. Lab-metal is not intended to be used as an adhesive. Because it hardens by exposure to air, it will not dry when "sandwiched" between two parts.

We welcome specific application questions. However, while the answers are as informative as possible, based on our own testing and experience, the user is given no guarantees about the suitability of the product for his or her application. The user should always test the application to determine suitability of the product.


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