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Dent Filler from Alvin helps refurbish caboose at
Chatham Railroad Museum

A corrosion problem on the
Chatham, Massachusetts Railroad
Museum caboose was solved with an
aluminum-filled metal repair and
patching compound manufactured just
two hours away in Lawrence, Mass.
Alvin Products’ Lab-metal was the
dent filler of choice for the badly
rusting spots on its hand rails.
Chatham’s Choo-Choo got its
facelift earlier this year. Volunteers
report that the metal repair job was
easy and inexpensive. Refurbishing
the damaged metal was done in three
The rusted
areas, 1/8 inch to
1/4 inch deep, were
thoroughly sanded
with a power
sander and then
washed (by cloth)
with Lab-solvent
(thinner for Lab-metal and metal
cleaner). The Lab-metal was applied
with a putty knife and allowed to dry
for 24 hours. (This was to ensure
complete hardening; very thin layers of
Lab-metal dry in just an hour or two.)
Next, the Lab-metal was sanded
smooth (by hand with sand paper), and
a finish coat of Lab-metal was applied.
Lab-metal application news
Application tips: Lab-solvent is
used to thin Lab-metal and Hi-Temp
Lab-metal; to clean the application
surface; and to extend the shelf life
of the repair putties.
When applying Lab-metal, keep the
applicator moist with Lab-solvent to
enhance spreadability. This is
especially helpful when using Labmetal
as a body filler.
At the Chatham Railroad Museum, Alvin Products’ Lab-metal was used to fill and patch
areas pitted by corrosion.
For more information on Lab-metal or Hi-Temp
Lab-metal, please contact the manufacturer:
After allowing the second layer of
Lab-metal to harden, the rails were
sanded and a new
coat of yellow
paint was applied.
“The Lab-metal repair was by far
the least expensive, most durable
patching job we could have done,”
commented one Volunteer Railroad
Committee member.
Other Committee members were
excited about the repair, and pointed
out other areas of the caboose they
intend to restore with Lab-metal.
The old New York Central caboose
that sits behind the historic Chatham
Railroad complex will continue to
delight young and old, from Cape C
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