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Thurmalox 240 Resistant 600-1600F(316-871C) brochure (PDF)

Thurmalox 240 series coatings are high temperature coatings based on proprietary silicon ceramic matrix and thermally stable pigments. They are recommended for application to difficult-to-protect metal surfaces operating at temperatures from 1000F (538C) to 1600F (871C). Thurmalox 242-0202 high temperature coating is heat resistant to 1600F. Thurmalox 240 series coatings are resistant to corrosion, chemical attack, weathering and severe thermal shock. Contrary to normal expectations in high temperature applications, service life of applied Thurmalox 240 series coatings is extended where operating temperatures exceed 1000F (538C). Thurmalox 240 series coating meets the military performance criteria for MIL-P-14105. Thurmalox 240 series coatings are available in some standard and custom colors.

Recommended Uses
Kilns, Furnaces and Ovens
Stacks, Breechings and Heat Exchangers
Mufflers, Silencers and Incinerators

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