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Thurmalox 218/219 Apply direct to 450F(232C)
Organic / Inorganic Hybrid Coating Gray Corrosion Under Insulation Apply up to 450F Heat Cure @ 300F for 30 Minutes Temp Resistance after Heat Cure-450F ambient to 232C
Thurmalox 225HD Modified Silicone
Modified Silicone Gray High Build
Thurmalox 70/70C Prevents chloride/stress cracking
Air Dry Silicone Coating for Stainless Steel Prevents Stress Corrosion Cracking Heat Resistance to 1000F Silicone Black Protects thermally insulated austenitic stainless steel form choloride induced stress corrosion cracking. Developed for NACE Technical Committee Report 6H189 Uses: Insulated stainless steel piping, vessels and equipment, nuclear power facilities where a high temperature coating with minimum amounts of chlorides, other halides, nitrates, sulfides and metals is needed.
Thurmalox 200C Air Dry to 500F
One Component Paint Resistant to 500F Uses: Stacks, Breechings, Boiler Casings,Refinery Equipment- heaters, crackers, Reformers, furnaces, kilns, ovens, compressors, turbines, engines, piping, pumps, manifolds, process vessels, heat exchangers
Thurmalox 210C Air Dry Zinc Dust Primer to 500F
Modified Silicone/Zinc Dust Provides Outstanding corrosion protection to metal surfaces operating at temperatures up to 500F
Thurmalox 217C
Thurmalox 217 VOC series is a single component heat resistant coating based on modified silicone resins and thermally stable pigments. It is formulated to protect surfaces operating to 450F (232C).
Sealant Spray
Rubber in a can is a rubber coating in a handy aerosol spray can. This product sprays a black rubberized flexible coating.
Thurmalox 230/230C Resistant to 1000F(538C)
Silicone Paint, Silicone Coating
Thurmalox 240 Resistant 600-1600F(316-871C)
Exhaust Coating, Silicone Coating, Silicone Paint, Turbine Paint
Thurmalox 242
Silicone Ceramic Air Dry Series High Temperature Resistance 1000F -1600F
Thurmalox 245C Zinc Primer
Silicone Zinc Dust Primer Heat Resistance 500F - 1200F
Thurmalox 260C Direct to 500F(260C)
Air Dry Series Heat and Corrosion Resistant to 500F Standard and Custom Colors Apply Directly to Hot Steel
High Performance Coating
High Performance Coating www.dampney.com
Thurmalox 260C TIC Temp Indicating Paint
Thurmalox 260C TIC Temperature Indicating Paint
Thurmalox 280/280C Aluminum Coating
Aluminum Air Dry Silicone Coating Heat Resistance 500F - 1200F
Thurmalox 2600 High Build 600F(316C)Air Pollution
2600 Air Dry Series Self Priming Baghouse Coating Heat and Corrosion Resistant to 600F
Apexior No.1 Wet Heat Resistance 200-700F
Boiling Water/Steam Exposure/Immersion USES: Steam generating equipment, hot condensate return tanks, de-aerators, hot process tanks, autoclaves, sterilizing equipment, heat recovery systems, mud and steam drums, steam traps
Corrosion Under Insulation
Corrosion Under Insulation
Apexior No. 3 Immersion in Fresh/Salt Water
Fresh/Salt Water Exposure/Immersion Waterside corrosion prevention of metal surfaces. Uses: Chillers, Cold water storage tanks, condenser heads and shells, inside shell of AC units, pump casings on fresh/salt water intakes, inner housings of pumps, sump pump ppits and chain lockers, bilge and forepeak tanks, ballast and brine tanks
Thurmalox 2655 Silicone Caulk / Sealant 550F(288C)
Silicone Caulk, High Temperature Caulk, High Temperature Sealant
Thurmolox 2804 Aluminum Water Borne Silicone1000F
Stove Paint Color Card
Stove Paint Color Card Available in Aerosol Spray Cans and Gallon Containers. www.stovepaint.com sales@stovepaint.com 800-537-7023
Stove Paint, Wood Stove Paint, Chimney Paint
Stove Paint

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